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Entropy vs. Negentropy in Biology

Entropy vs. Negentropy in Biology

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Quantum vs. Classical Physics Viewpoints – I will discuss the thermodynamic forces of entropy versus negentropy within biological systems. In classical physics, entropy is the measure of the disorder in the universe. In living systems, entropy is an erosion of structure due to loss of information, resulting in disorder (chaos) and eventually, death. Classical physics describes forces to be fundamentally entropic – which fails to explain how life can actually exist. It is a scientific understanding that negates the potentiality of life, yet still predominates the view held in the current model of Western medicine.

Another factor to consider when discussing entropy is the factor of time. Physicists define time as “a measurement of energy or force in motion.” In other words, time is a measurement of change. In order for energy, in this case, time, to be in motion, by definition, it must exist within some sort of containment. It must have a specific location in space. Entropy operates within a one-directional arrow of time. If you step on a slug and squish it, that slug cannot re-create its structure. 

Negentropy, the opposite of entropy, is a force that  gathers  information and  creates structure. The energy to support negative entropy has yet to be defined. Quantum physics allows for the existence of negentropy because it takes into consideration the domain of the Absolute. The Absolute is the term physicists use to describe energy in a state of inactive infinity. Energy in infinity means energy uniformly extended without limit. It has no beginning, no end, no motion, and no location. Quantum, Consciousness-based science, and Spiritual wisdom indicate that this fundamental, primal power of existence is a conscious force without form – a state of infinite being. This field of potentiality has the capability of negentropy. So far, the only energy we know of that has the power to organize is thought, which implies some sort of (Absolute) Superconscious. 

Therefore, biology (life) is quantic by nature in that it resists the classical forces of entropy. Life’s source does not, nay,  cannot  come from the physical realm. The physical dimension is built from the negentropic Absolute. The existence of the physical requires separation from the Absolute into, say, a space-time dimension. The intermingling of these two domains may explain the dynamics between the forces of negentropy and entropy in the context of biology. 



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P.S. I hypothesize that there is a direct correlation between the specific energy frequencies of drug substances and the rate of entropy or negentropy which would be reflected in brain activity and functionality. A topic for another investigation.


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