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Frequently Asked Questions

What People Commonly Want to Know
We know you have a lot of questions about our services and how they work, we did our best to answer them below!

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of mind we all experience. Everyone can and does achieve this state of mind. It is only the depth of this hypnotic state that varies from individual to individual. When your brain waves slow down, more of your mind opens up. I invite your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. In this state deep healing and insights can occur.

What is the Hypnotic, or Trance State?

The trance state is typically an enjoyable experience. As humans, we seek these altered, transpersonal states. Often these states are accessed in potentially unhealthy ways, such as through drugs, alcohol, or other self-destructive manners. These pathways tend to lead more toward masking issues rather than shedding light on them. In its highest use, trance can facilitate health, wellness, connection, alignment with actual reality, and manifestation of goals.

What is QHHT®?

QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, which is ordinarily experienced only two times a day: just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep. This technique is natural, easy, and very relaxing. It takes you beyond traditional, clinical hypnotherapy and into a place where understanding, healing, and profound insights can by found. We do this by speaking to that part of you that really does know all the answers to every question.

What can Hypnosis do for me?

Hypnosis can help with: Drug-Free Healing, Stress & Pain Relief, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Insomnia (Get More Quality Sleep), Change a Habit, Overcome Obstacles, Become More Creative, Spiritual Guidance, Metaphysical Answers, Past Life Regressions, and much, much more!

Can hypnotherapy cure me?

Hypnotherapy does not cure a medical condition. But there are many cases in which the client’s mind has played an important role in healing their own body. Hypnotherapy can facilitate this process.

How can Hypnosis do something that I cannot do for myself?

Hypnosis is a way of opening up the neurological pathways between conscious thought processing and unconscious activity and function. Hypnosis acts as a conduit to take what the patient already knows or has experienced (which is stored in the cerebrum) and move it to the part of the mind/brain that can act to make changes.

What questions should customers ask before talking to professionals about their sessions or services?

I would ask about their approach in dealing with trauma. This must be done in such a way so as not to re-trigger and add to the trauma. Instead, the goal should be to release, reframe, and bring new awareness to heal and get past the past. I, personally, have had horrific sessions in "treatment' which left me more triggered and prone to indulge in addictions than before. Which led me to develop the methods and techniques I now use in my practice.

Will my insurance cover any of your services?

Although I do not deal with insurance companies directly, I can provide a code for hypnotherapy services which you can submit to your insurance company after completion of your sessions to see what they will cover. It is helpful to get a referral for hypnotherapy from your primary doctor.

I do not deal with insurance companies for the following reasons -

1. Physical and mental health institutions, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.A. are monetary businesses designed to keep people unwell. (Otherwise, where is the profit?)

2. My philosophy of wellness is based on preventative, empowering, and self-aware modalities so that individuals are not victims of limiting belief systems.

3. Often, a client ends up paying substantially on deductibles and co-pays. It involves boatloads of paperwork, and I prefer myself and my clients not be controlled by outside parties.

You won’t make me cluck like a chicken or anything like that, will you?

What you are describing is something you may have seen stage hypnotists do as a form of entertainment. This is NOT that. You are always in control. Hypnosis is nothing I do TO you. You will only go as deep into your own mind as is appropriate for you to access the information you are seeking. Trust me – even the subjects of staged hypnosis would be able at all times to choose whether or not to act upon whatever the hypnotist is suggesting. During a Holistic Hypnotherapy session, we will be having a conversation while you are in a deeply relaxed state. That conversation will have access to more of your mind/consciousness than is available on the surface level.

What is your typical process working with a new client?

I like to start with a free Discovery Call so that we can talk about your goals and set intentions for the outcomes of the sessions. I will recommend which package I intuit is a good fit for you. Most importantly, we want to make sure that we resonate well together as we will be on this journey of healing and life transformation together.

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