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Remote Therapy Sessions

Available anywhere in the world there’s reliable online connection and access to a computer, pad or smartphone.

A Hypnotherapy session can easily be facilitated over Zoom. Make sure you have good sound connection – earbuds, or a headset is recommended. You will want to be seated in a comfortable chair or recliner that will accommodate a relaxed position. Having a session online has its advantages. You are in the comfort of your own space. After a session, you can stay in a relaxed state and fully integrate the healing and changes initiated in the session without having to enter the hustle and bustle of life right away.

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Healing Process

Healing (becoming whole) is a process of peeling back layers of conditioning to get our minds and bodies back to the state we were created to be in – which is brilliantly and intelligently designed. Healing is nothing more than finding what is true. Self-discovery gets us back to the original blueprint of how our creator designed us. It’s a beautiful process and a fascinating cycle of life. 

I've been there and learned that what seems like a profound challenge can catalyze spiritual growth, clarity of purpose, and emerging authenticity.