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Evolution in Three Chapters

Evolution in Three Chapters

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Chapter 1

At one point in this planet’s evolution, there was a vast sea of single-celled organisms. They existed this way for billions of years. Eventually, they decided to cooperate with other cells to increase their experiences and improve their chances of survival. They began to form multicellular lifeforms – eventually, some were composed of trillions of single cells, all performing specialized tasks, yet cooperating as a whole.

Chapter 2

At one point in this planet’s evolution, there was a vast sea of human beings, each deciding to live separate from the whole. At some point, they had a choice: either cooperate and come together globally to enhance their chances of survival, or segregate even further and continue to take their chances as separate countries, races, and individuals.

Chapter 3

The next stage of this planet’s evolution will depend on the outcome of chapter 2.

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