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My Thoughts About “The Media”

My Thoughts About “The Media”

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Media – what a great topic to gestalt! I think the media is a much more powerful influence than most of us give credit to. Whenever I give talks to either groups or individual clients, the topic of what is hypnosis comes up. I always tell them, whether you are aware of it or not, you are being hypnotized every day from the media, advertisements, and all people and institutions that are trying to get your attention to influence you towards their agenda. They know that repetition, and your increased suggestibility, while you are in a relaxed state, has a higher chance of you acting upon their suggestions. (The hypnotic state is equivalent to deep relaxation – alpha brain wave states and lower – in which more of the brain is activated). 

Our subconscious does not know the difference between real and imagined. I typically don’t read or watch the news. When this current pandemic started, I subscribed to the New York Times daily virus review. I soon noticed that the quality of my dreams changed from peaceful and adventurous to disturbing. I was starting to feel the fear! My meditations were like climbing a rocky mountain to get back to the higher levels. I notice that reporters say they are just reporting the “facts”. Last week, the New York Times virus review had a new writer/editor who declared he was going to sort out and make sense for us, the public, the wide discrepancy of factual reporting. I think him trying to project his “meaning” is biased, and it doesn’t allow people to form their own meanings and opinions. However, it is what the media actually does most of the time. 

Unfortunately, so much of it, particularly the media, is problem-focused and fear-based. Look at what has happened with social media, and the division and polarity it has helped fuel into existence. I recommend everyone watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. There is a quote from this documentary-drama hybrid by Edward Tufte: “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”

Both Einstein and the Silicon Valley social media creators had good intentions for the betterment of mankind in the scientific and technological advances they creatively brought forth. Unfortunately, there is a darker aspect of humanity whose energy is anti-life. The atomic bomb and algorithms sucking us into a matrix of distorted realities are examples of the consequences of this darker side. 

Since Einstein’s relativity theory, and discoveries at the quantum level have proven – everything is energy – including our thoughts. The more energy you give to specific thoughts, the more likely you are to bring them into your experience. You resonate at your predominant feeling frequencies. Your mind can either run on its built-in negativity, or, opt for conscious awareness. We can remain victims and behave only from conditioned homeostasis, or we can remove ourselves from the matrix and start making authentic creative choices. Imagine if our media instead focused on positive events and happenings in this beautiful world. Or at the very least, solution-based investigations. The media is a very powerful force – wouldn’t it be wonderful if the media propagated the higher emotions: love, hope, joy, enlightenment, transcendence…. In the meantime, it is wise to be mindful and diligent about the content of the media you expose yourself to.


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