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The Quantum Doctor: Discussion 1

The Quantum Doctor: Discussion 1

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In his book, The Quantum Doctor (2011), Amit Goswami , PhD, discusses the current era of evolution when people are not “feeling” dominated. He notes that societal evolution has caused separation, denigration, suppression, and misunderstanding of innate human feelings. As a result, people are no longer in touch with their feeling dimension, and therefore don’t experience or experiment with their personal vital energies. Explain how human feelings affect the vital energy force and physical health. Realizing vital energy as the feeling of being alive; discuss ways in which people can strengthen their vital force, and thereby, their positive health potential.

I will begin this discussion by talking about the current Covid-19 virus that has the whole world topsy-turvy. If people understood and took into consideration not only the physical, but the vital, mental, supramental, and bliss bodies, there would be so much less fear, and more focus on our non-physical aspects to create health and well-being. Consider that there are many different biofields that regulate various mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical functions and that these correspond to various parts of the subtle body. Goswami states that “Since the vital level contains the morphogenic blueprints for the physical, physical malfunctions can only be produced when there is a malfunction in the vital body.” 

Our feelings and emotions give us clues as to which chakras are out of balance and need to be addressed. For the purpose of this essay, I will define feelings as the sensations that occur within different organs in the body, and emotions as the mood, or emotional state that is being experienced. Both feelings and emotions are connected with the vital-physical body movements at a certain chakra. Different types of emotion are felt at different chakras. For instance, if the emotion presented is insecurity or fear, these are emotions affiliated with the root chakra. The feelings tend to manifest as elimination issues (such as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome). The mind can amplify these conditions with wrong meaning and mentalization. Keep in mind that consciousness collapses the wave function in all of these realms (physical, vital, mental and intuitive) simultaneously, continuously and in parallel. Suppression of emotion creates even more vital energy blocks and disharmony in the subtle body. The more in disharmony and out of balance The chakras are, the more the immune system is compromised. 

To focus solely on immunity is not enough – it goes much deeper than that. If your vital energy patterns are strong and have very little imbalance within them, then any physical defect/threat that is presented/produced – such as a virus or bacteria, will have little consequence. The epidemic will not be able to invade the system of a body with healthy vitality  (subtle level). Because of this (and not the other way around), the immune system works immediately to intervene and is able to keep the body healthy. 


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