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The Quantum Doctor: Discussion 2

The Quantum Doctor: Discussion 2

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After reading chapter 14, “Mind as Slayer”, ( Dr. Amit Goswami , 2011), explain the circumstances in which people might feel ill or develop chronic disease based on their ways of thinking about life; coping, and engaging in life.

We are our beliefs. It is as Goswami states when he says, “mind gives meaning to both the physical and the vital.” I would include ALL systems, physical and nonphysical, (particles and waves), that make up the human field in that statement, since it is the mind’s job to give meaning to everything it processes, and this would include information coming from all fields/bodies. On the feeling level, feelings, in and of themselves, are value-neutral, they are neither good nor bad. The values/meanings we give to feelings are our mentalization. According to the World Psychiatric Association, “Mentalizing is the process by which we make sense of each other and ourselves, implicitly and explicitly, in terms of subjective states and mental processes. It is a profoundly social construct in the sense that we are attentive to the mental states of those we are with, physically or psychologically.”

Numerous studies were done post-Sept. 11 on ongoing health effects from that event. Conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other conditions linked to stress overload, continued for months after the event. Specifically, the ongoing over-amplified mentalization of fear on a large scale driven by media and politics had a huge impact on people’s health. This same phenomenon is currently playing out on a global scale with the C-virus. I personally believe this phenomenon is more detrimental to the health of humanity than any naturally occurring virus. Accepting that Consciousness is the ground of all being – on a quantum level, “we, as humanity, are affecting each other’s well-being as well as our collective well-being.” (Goswami, 2011) 

Stress can be defined as how a person reacts or responds to a stressor (an outside agent). I like the research done by Richard Rahe (1975) in which he measures stress in “life change units” (luv), according to the degree of life adjustments a stressor requires.” Stressful ongoing emotional expression which continues over time leads to (on the physical level) an imbalance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, as well as the immune system becoming compromised. “Mental hyperactivity expressed through conditioned programs of the brain become manifest in the physical organs producing disease of these organs.” (Goswami, 2011) In other words, we can create our own levels of “life change units” (stress) by the degree of negatively impactful mentalization we give meaning/value to. 

Therefore, a key component of maintaining good health requires focusing on good-feeling objects of attention. This is the most effective way of providing the optimal environment for allowing unhindered cellular communication necessary for ultimate thriving health, not only for the physical body, but for the vital, mental, and intuitive levels as well. Each level is interconnected to the other systems, all with feedback loops constantly providing information, masterfully orchestrated by quantum Consciousness.


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