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Tips To Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

Tips To Lose Weight and Keep it Off!

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In this video, you will learn some practical tips to help you meet your weight loss goals and keep it off! Remember, consistency and mindset are the keys. However, if you are doing everything ‘right’, and your body is still stubbornly holding on to its extra weight, that may indicate a deeper issue blocking your progress. Self-exploration via the gentle, relaxing state of hypnosis could reveal the underlying issues which are at the core of your weight challenges. Hop on over to my website for information about hypnotherapy sessions and how to book one for yourself.


Make a Conscious Change

When one is open and ready, a hypnosis session can provide comfort, direction, clarity, healing, and support for moving forward in alignment with one’s life purpose and plan. It is a way to re-program your mind to focus on thoughts that are supportive of your goals, rather than self-sabotaging thoughts.

As a hypnotherapist specializing in Quantum Healing Hypnosis,  I help people to know themselves and become co-creators of their own life. Schedule your consultation by calling me at 206.854.8343 or booking online HERE.


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