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Vampires, Spaceships, and ET ‘s, Oh My! Memorable QHHT Sessions

Vampires, Spaceships, and ET ‘s, Oh My! Memorable QHHT Sessions

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As a holistic hypnotherapist and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) practitioner, I often have very memorable and unexpected experiences, information, and insights that happen with my clients as I am facilitating a session. In this video, I share a session that reminds me of Interview with a Vampire. Also, another session confirms the presence of spaceships and other-worldly activity in the vicinity of Mount Shasta, California.

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When one is open and ready, a hypnosis session can provide comfort, direction, clarity, healing, and support for moving forward in alignment with one’s life purpose and plan. It is a way to re-program your mind to focus on thoughts that are supportive of your goals, rather than self-sabotaging thoughts.

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