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How Your brain works under Hypnosis

How Your brain works under Hypnosis

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Understanding how your brain is designed will clarify why relaxed states of consciousness can be so powerful in making positive life changes.

In this video, we explore the developmental stages of the brain, as well as the 5 different brain wave frequencies the mind operates on – like different radio channels.

The definition of hypnosis/trance/meditation is to bypass the analytical, beta wave frequency in order to access the deeper levels of consciousness. In doing so, we bring to light, or conscious awareness, the unconscious programs, conditioning, and beliefs that the subconscious has been operating on, in order to make changes and expand your consciousness.

In other words, get you past where you are stuck.



Make a Conscious Change

When one is open and ready, a hypnosis session can provide comfort, direction, clarity, healing, and support for moving forward in alignment with one’s life purpose and plan. It is a way to re-program your mind to focus on thoughts that are supportive of your goals, rather than self-sabotaging thoughts.

As a hypnotherapist specializing in Quantum Healing Hypnosis,  I help people to know themselves and become co-creators of their own life. Schedule your consultation by calling me at 206.854.8343 or booking online HERE.


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